Under 12s and Under 14s tournament vs Crewe 20-03-22

Whitchurch entertained Crewe in both Under 12’s and Under 14s games

A big thanks to everyone who managed to turn out for yesterday’s fixtures, to the parents for bringing them along and especially those who helped set up and support the games. It was a lovely afternoon, players from both clubs seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, and there was a lot of great hockey played, which is very encouraging for the future.

Check out some photos of the day on the club Facebook page.



Match Reports 19-03-22

Sandbach ladies 2s 2 Whitchurch ladies 3s 1

Whitchurch ladies 3s travelled to sandbach for their last match of the season.

Whitchurch knew that this was going to be a tough match but they came out fighting with Whitchurch winning the toss. Eleanor Beecher, Sophie Jones and Lucy Hearn drove the ball from the off into the Sandbach dee creating chances on goal. But with all their efforts Sandbach collected the ball and drove to the Whitchurch defence of Sue Read, Maisie Bennett, Ellie Wilson and Rachel Chesters who put up a fight with the Sandbach attack. Sandbach won a short corner and they managed to slot the ball past the Whitchurch keeper of Louise Cottrell.
This drove Whitchurch on to want to equalise but with countless efforts from Jones, Beecher and Hearn switching the play back across to Harriet Slater who narrowly missed the goal. Whitchurch kept pushing and won a short corner which narrowly missed a deflection from Freya Gresty working tirelessly in the middle.
Halftime, Whitchurch regrouped and wanted to equalise with sandbach. Evie Hall and Jess Hunt worked tirelessly together and won a sideline ball which Hall navigated through the sandbach defence to pick out Gresty who slapped it home to Hearn who slotted it past the sandbach keeper bringing the score line to 1-1.
Sandbach didn’t want it to end there they worked there way past the Whitchurch defence who then fired it across to Gresty who made some fast runs down the middle to Hearn who narrowly missed the post.
Sandbach pressed hard on Whitchurch and slotted it past Cottrell on the back foot. Bringing the score line to 2-1 at final time.
Lucy Hearn was awarded player of the match.

Whitchurch Ladies 1s 4 Lymm Ladies 3s 1

Whitchurch entered the match with high spirits, looking for a win. Whitchurch quickly took control of the match, dominating play with a string of inter-linking passes between Molly Fry and Captain Cath Gresty. Lisa Sullivan effortlessly made numerous runs into the dee, with centre forward Ellie Pearson’s excellent shots on goal being saved by Lymm’s strong defence.

However, Whitchurch persisted, and the ball stayed up high, close to the Lymm goal. Mollie Bell worked tirelessly as left half, working well with left forward Izzy Huxley, and causing yet more pressure on the Lymm dee. The hard work paid off and Sullivan scored an amazing goal from a well-played short, securing Whitchurch their first goal of the match.

However, following a quick break, Lymm managed to score off a short corner taking the goal to 1-1. Unfazed, Whitchurch fought back. Chloe Lloyd and Hayleigh Busby played excellently in defence, quickly picking up any further Lymm breakthroughs. Continued pressure from the forwards resulted in Ellie Pearson easily slotting the ball past the keeper, taking the score to 2-1 at half time.

Whitchurch returned to the pitch motivated and ready to continue their control of gameplay. Right-wing Amelie Morris made numerous great runs down the wing, supported by right half Holly Gilbert. Keeper Holly Edwards maintained her top form, making numerous great saves. Whitchurch didn’t tire and continued to work well as a team with a powerful shot from Pearson leading to another goal. Maintaining their strong pace, Whitchurch battled in the Lymm dee, with Morris on post slotting the ball past the keeper taking the score to 4-1 as the final whistle blew.

Next week, Whitchurch are playing Knutsford Ladies 1s away.

Whitchurch ladies 2s 2 Macclesfield ladies 4s 0

Whitchurch Ladies 2s were looking forward to their last game of the season, hosting Macclesfield Ladies 4s at Whitchurch Leisure Centre. They knew it was going to be a tough and important game as a win by Whitchurch would guarantee promotion. With some of the regular players off with Covid, Whitchurch took a while to find their form. The game started equally matched, with both sides enjoying periods of possession and Macclesfield’s strong defence frustrating Whitchurch’s goal efforts. Jaz Williams, Indy Freer and Emily Curzon’s worked well, passing between themselves to get the ball up the pitch with many attempts on goal, but Macclesfield packed their dee and an agile keeper kept it to 0-0 at half time.

After refuelling on sweets, Whitchurch started the second half the stronger of the two teams with Hermione Ball, Emma Stubbs, Chloe Lloyd and Amy Fry pressing high to stop any Macclesfield breaks developing. This led to a player overload in the Macclesfield’s dee, with Bella Morris skilfully gaining Whitchurch a short corner which, following a goalmouth scramble, Phoebe Jones nudged over the line to gain a well-needed goal for Whitchurch. Macclesfield did not give up, with some well-taken 16s and runs down the pitch, but keeper Gwyn Rees-Thomas had a quiet game with the Whitchurch backs effectively shutting down these attacks. Fuelled by their hunger for promotion, Whitchurch strung together good passing runs by Williams, Poppy Huxley and Bella Morris who took the ball up the pitch, feeding it into Jones in the dee to slip to Curzon for her to pound it into the back of the Macclesfield net, giving Whitchurch a more comfortable two goal lead. Whitchurch continued to push on, winning numerous short corners and overloading the dee, with lots of good defending and goalkeeping by Macclesfield keeping the score line at 2-0 when the final whistle blew. Phoebe Jones was awarded Player of the Match for the second week in a row. With Whitchurch Ladies 2s finishing second in the league, the team were able to look back at their successful season and discuss their promotion over cakes baked by Poppy Huxley.

Knutsford Men’s 1s 9 Whitchurch Men’s 1s 2

It was never going to be an easy game against the high-flying Knutsford side and with six regulars absent several players stepped up from the 2s into the 1s.

Knutsford took an early lead despite the best efforts of goalkeeper Paul ‘Sturge’ Leigh. Whitchurch pushed forward and soon equalised with Craig Hockenhull firing in a rebounded short corner.

Whitchurch continued to push through the midfield of Alex Fry and Dale Seymour and with the blistering runs of Alex Leigh down the right-wing Whitchurch always looked dangerous on the break.

As the half progressed and Whitchurch started to tire Knutsford took full advantage and scored a number of quick goals to give them a comfortable lead.

The half time break gave Whitchurch the chance to regroup and get their breaths back and the second half started with Sam Conway, captain Danny Foulkes, Will Snaith and Harry Foulkes moving the back around the back through the Whitchurch defence to create opportunities for Tom Forster to attack down the left-hand side.

Knutsford moved the ball quickly and as they found gaps, they were clinical in front of goal to again score several goals. Whitchurch kept working and were rewarded with a goal from a neatly worked short corner which was deflected home by Luke Beddows.

Whitchurch continued to work tirelessly to the final whistle and had a string of short corner in the final minutes of the game that they were unlucky not to convert.

Attached is a photo of the ladies 2s celebrating their promotion as North West Women’s Division 6 South (Central) divison runners up.

Match Reports 13/03/22

Cheshire Blue ladies 1 Whitchurch ladies 1s 2

Ladies 1s travelled away to play top of the league Cheshire Blues.

Whitchurch were on absolute top form this week, from the whistle controlling the play, taking Cheshire Blue’s completely by surprise.

Mid players Lisa Sullivan, captain Cath Gresty and Molly Fry held the Blues off breaking the middle for most of the first half. Halves Mollie Bell and Caitlin Edwards supported pushing back up the pitch. Several shorts were won and their work paid off when Hayleigh Busby tapped past the keep after a battle on the line.

Cheshire Blues were getting frustrated with the fact Whitchurch were taking control, occasionally breaking but very quickly picked up by Chloe Lloyd and Hayleigh Busby. Half time for a well-deserved quick rest and team talk and Whitchurch came back onto the pitch just as strong as the start.

The forwards putting so much pressure on Cheshire Blues that they started making mistakes. Some great runs from Izzy Huxley and Gresty came up the wings but the Blues were packing out their dee.

A lucky break for the Blues and they managed to equalise from a scrappy short corner.

This didn’t phase Whitchurch and another run of short corner came for the reds, so much pressure came from Whitchurch, eventually Amelie Morris received the ball from India Freer and scored a second for Whitchurch.

As everyone was tiring the Blues managed another attempt on goal, but with several saves from keeper Holly Edwards they kept attacking desperately, Chloe Lloyd stepped in to make an outstanding save from just in front of the line.

Whitchurch calmed and with minutes to go managed to keep Cheshire Blues from making it a draw.

A very excited Whitchurch 1s team came away with a fantastic 2-1 win against the top side.

Crewe ladies 4s 0 Whitchurch ladies 2s 5

It was a quick start for Whitchurch with Phoebe Jones scoring a goal within the first 2 minutes. This put the team on a positive note. Some great passing in the middle between Jasmine Williams , Poppy Huxley and Bella Morris leading to a second goal scored by Bella Morris.

Crewe had some breaks through the middle but a strong defence of Rachel Chesters and Hermonie Ball stopped them. A few shots on goal but all deflected by goalkeeper Megan Nicholson.

Louise Whitley and Lucy Hearn made some good runs up the wing passing into the dee just missing the goal slightly.

After a positive team talk by captain Emma Stubbs, Crewe kicked off the second half but were unable to score any goals. Lydia Jones and Jas Williams made some strong tackles leading to a third goal assisted by Bella Morris crossing the dee put in on the post to Lydia Jones.

A few more breaks from Crewe were quickly shut down. Poppy Huxley broke down Crewe passing up to Jas Williams and out to Lucy Chadwick on the wing . This then led to a pass to Lucy Hearn putting it in the goal.

Another goal was scored quickly afterwards by Jas Williams  to make the final score 5-0 to Whitchurch. A well deserved win for Whitchurch

Phoebe Jones was player’s player

Whitchurch ladies 3s 0 Macclesfield ladies 3s 12

Whitchurch ladies 3s entertained Macclesfield ladies 3s this weekend at home. Whitchurch started off the stronger of the two teams by setting the pace early with Eleanor Beecher starting looking out for Poppy Gilbert on the left and Sophie Jones on the right. Whitchurch pressured the Macclesfield defence but missed the post by millimetres. Whitchurch then reset and Macclesfield managed to find the goal through Whitchurch keeper Louise Cottrell.

Whitchurch weren’t going to give up there they wanted to equalise but Macclesfield applied more pressure to the Whitchurch defence of Maisie Bennett, Emma Clarke, Mel Reid and Jan Teggin. With every player marked and Cotterell keeping Macclesfield at bay Sue Read made a bid for freedom looking for Mable Hazelhurst and Jessica Hunt. But Macclesfield had stolen the ball back and had scored a further 5 goals bringing the score line to 6-0.

At half time Whitchurch regrouped and had some positive talks and enthusiastic motivation which lead to them applying the pressure back on the Macclesfield defence.

Evie Hall, Harriet Slater and Freya Gresty worked together to mark and prevent Macclesfield from entering the Dee. But Macclesfield had won a short corner, which then turned in to a penalty stroke. Cotteroll knew she had to deny any more chances for Macclesfield and denyied them from slotting it past her!

With minutes to spare Macclesfield had slotted the ball a further 6 goals bringing the final score to 12-0.

Player of the match goes to Jan Teggin.

Next week Whitchurch will be heading to Sandbach for their final game of the season

Knutsford Men’s 1s 4 Whitchurch Men’s 2s 1

Whitchurch arrived late for the match and the lack of a proper warmup came back upon them as Knutsford scored three quick goals in the first ten minutes leaving goalkeeper Neil Jones with no chance. Whitchurch started to settle and string together a number of passes attacking down the wings through Airan Jones and Tom Edwards

Whitchurch started to take some control of the game as Jon Gilbert and Ethan Gresty got more of the ball and feed balls into Will Edwards upfront who had a number of shots that were saved by the Knutsford keeper.

Whitchurch started the second half the same as they finished the second as Knutsford scored straight from the start.

Whitchurch again settled with Danny Foulkes, Harry Foulkes, Gareth Teggin and Steve Kay moving the ball around the back of the defence and into Doug Buckeridge on the left hand side and Whitchurch finally got some reward as Lucas Hill picked out Craig Hockenhull in the dee who slotted the ball into the corner.

Whitchurch continued to push for further goals and had a string of short corners resulted in shots for both Danny Foulkes and Will Edwards which were excellently saved by the defenders and keeper.

Whitchurch entertain Alderley Edge at home next weekend.

Match reports 05-03-22

Whitchurch ladies 1s 2 Wilmslow ladies 3s 1

With the end of the season in sight, Whitchurch Ladies 1s went into the match determined and looking for a win. Whitchurch immediately took control of play, with strong runs from Lisa Sullivan and Molly Fry. Mollie Bell worked tirelessly as left half making numerous excellent tackles and, alongside Hayleigh Busby and Chloe Lloyd, easily shut down Wilmslow attacks. Captain Cath Gresty made strong runs into the dee supported by right half Indie Freer and right-wing Holly Gilbert.

On the left, Emily Curzon and Fry worked well together, with a string of passes enabling Whitchurch to work its way into the dee and win its first short corner. A strong strike from Sullivan was defended well by Wilmslow and despite a string of short corners following, Whitchurch were unable to secure a goal. However, following strong drives from Fry and Gresty, Ellie Pearson scored an amazing reverse shot sending the ball powerfully into the top corner and bringing the score to 1-0.

With newfound drive following the goal, Whitchurch continued to fight hard. Whitchurch continued to maintain possession with amazing runs down the wing from Caitlin Edwards and Molly Fry’s continuous attacks and never-ending determination resulting in yet more strikes on goal, saved by the Wilmslow goalie.

Just before half-time, Sullivan easily dribbled the ball round the defenders and with a confident strike took the score to 2-0 as the half time whistle blew.

Whitchurch continued to work well together in the second half, with Goalkeeper Holly Edwards continuing to amaze with her excellent saves. Lloyd worked incredibly hard in defence, preventing several Wilmslow attacks. However, Wilmslow were able to take the score to 2-1 from a short. Whitchurch did not let this stop them and continued to fight. The final whistle blew leaving the score 2-1. Whitchurch were pleased with their performance and are ready to take on top of league Cheshire Blues next week.

Whitchurch ladies 2s 2 Alderley Edge ladies 7s 5

It was a slow start for Whitchurch ladies 2s, matched by a much faster and together opposition from Alderley Edge. Hermione Ball, Emma Stubbs and Rachel Chesters provided a solid defence throughout the first half but were unlucky three times as Alderley Edge managed to sneak to goals past them.

Whitchurch made some breaks in the middle from Lydia Jones, Jas Williams, Bella Morris, Louise Whitley, Lucy Hearn and Poppy Huxley, giving Heidi Carr the opportunity to score. This brought Whitchurch back together as a team and they almost regained their normal game.

After a tactical talk, the second half began much stronger for Whitchurch securing several short corners, tiring Alderley Edge’s defence and leading to a second goal from Phoebe Jones.

Unfortunately, Alderley Edge scored two more goals leaving the final score as 5-2. This wasn’t a fair reflection on Whitchurch ladies usual game play. Amelie Morris was player’s player.