Joining our club

Whitchurch Hockey Club is committed to making hockey affordable for all players, and the committee has worked hard to push down subscriptions and match fees over the last couple of seasons. As a result, we are now one of the most affordable clubs in the area, in terms of our subscriptions and our match fees, which makes it even more important that every player makes their contributions in good time each season and each weekend.

All the information you need to know about joining our club is contained in the ‘Welcome Packs’ for the 2023/24 season we are managing player information and membership payments via Teamapp for Seniors and Under 18’s along with online payments for Academy training sessions.

For Under 18s we require parents to sign up to Teamapp as themselves and then when the Under 18 Teamapp form is received for the child completed and signed we create an account for the Under 18 which is linked to the parent.

All players playing in senior teams (aged 13+) will need to sign up to the England hockey game management system (GMS) and the clubs Teamapp system before playing for the club.

All players are required to be members of the club in order to participate in games at any level.

Students who are away at University are required to join as ‘Associate members’ to play whilst at home in the league season or during the summer.

Senior-Welcome-pack-2023-2024 Rev 2

Under-18s-Welcome-pack-2023-2024 Rev 2

WHC Under 18 Teamapp form (required to create an account for Under 18 player)

WHC Code of Conduct

Players – How to Register on GMS

GMS – How to sign up my child or Add a child to my profile

If you have you any queries about the Welcome packs or Teamapp setup please contact