28/09/13 Ladies 2nds v Lymm 4ths

Lymm Ladies 4ths 1                        Whitchurch Ladies 2nds  0

The ladies were in good spirits following last week’s 4-0 victory and took a number of new faces away to Lymm. Making their debut were Rebecca Thomas and Laura Chester’s.

Rebecca and Jayne Williamson made a strong defense and were able to keep Lymm at bay all through the first half, providing a good foundation for Whitchurch to build their attack. Chances rained upon the forwards, and Tracey Dulson managed to put the ball inches either side of the goal, but Whitchurch were never able to put the ball on target.


The second half saw Lymm rally and their experience showed as they were able to retain possession for longer and through the use of their substitutes were able to whittle down Whitchurch’s defense. Eventually Lymm’s pressure upon the Whitchurch goal saw its reward. Despite the efforts of Laura and Cath Gresty in closing down the midfield, Whitchurch were not able to push their breaks into Lymm’s D and were unable to find the equalizer.