05/10/13 Timperley 5ths 4 Whitchurch 2nds 1


An early goal scored by Laura Chesters, gave Whitchurch the start they wanted but Whitchurch sat back on their early lead and allowed Timperley too much time and space to play the ball around. As they started to tire Timperley took full advantage and despite numerous saves by the Whitchurch keeper Gwyneth Thomas-Rees Timperley soon had scored three goals.


The second half saw Whitchurch regroup and stop the Timperley runs that caused so many problems in the first half. Jess Kimberley and Laura Chesters began to find space leading to Jess having the best chances of the half. Whitchurch finished the stronger of the two teams but failed to score and were punished when Timperley scored again on the break.