Whitchurch Hockey Club match reports 22/11/14

Whitchurch Mens 1s  3  Bloxwich Mens 1s  7

The struggle for consistency is an on-going one for the young Whitchurch side.

From the start Bloxwich set the tempo of the game passing the ball quickly and dynamically around the pitch and despite Whitchurch’s best efforts they struggled to get and maintain possession of the ball as Bloxwich rushed into a comfortable 3-0 lead. The game could have changed in the last seconds of the half as the Bloxwich keeper was beaten by some neat passing and the ball scrambled off the goal line before Whitchurch could get the vital touch.

The second half saw Whitchurch take the game to Bloxwich and as the visitors sat back in a disciplined defensive line Whitchurch got what they needed so badly, time and space on the ball and this allowed their players to run, pass and upset the Bloxwich defence. Ben Lea leading the way with two penalty corner strikes and a clinical penalty flick in a 20 minute period.

Whitchurch continued to push for more goals but as they tired space opened in the midfield which Bloxwich exploited with a number of goals in the closing stages of the match.


Whitchurch ladies 2s 0                  Whitchurch ladies 1s  3

In an unprecedented event this weekend, Whitchurch 1st’s played Whitchurch 2nd’s with the Ladies 1st’s clutching victory.

As the ladies of both sides jogged into their places, there were a few laughs and playful banter before the game faces prevailed. One thing was for sure, this wasn’t a friendly. The whites (1s) had pushback. The reds (2s) defence was strong, with Sally Pearce clearing the ball several times, just to be further attacked by the Ladies firsts. Laura Workman worked tirelessly to defend the 2nds goal in the first half, along with Laura Hollinshead and Helen Machin. Sharon English continued to put pressure on the Whites but Catherine Gresty, Nicola Workman and Claire Roberts just kept pushing forward.

The pressure just kept coming from the whites however, with Ellie Windsor and Hayleigh Busby defending valiantly for the 2s, even with teamwork from Vicki Price, Nina Hodges and Keeley Hathaway to attack. Until the whites got a short corner. With a great strategy and poise, Lisa Sullivan managed to shoot straight into goal, leading the Ladies 1st 1-0 at half time.

After some stern words and motivation speeches at half time, both Ladies teams were coming back with a fight. Jess Kimberley, Catherine Reese-Gresty and Nina Hodges pushed forward with ferocity, creating a shot on goal, however with the great skill of goalkeeper Phoebe Jones and defence Katie Plant and Becky Brookfield, the ball was sent towards the Ladies 1st’s goal. Both Katie Plant and Emily Vernon made an attempt on the 1s goal however Ladies 1st’s goalkeeper Gwyn Thomas-Rees sent the ball hurtling back towards Ladies 2nd’s goal.

It was a bit of a scramble to obtain the ball for the next few tense minutes of the game, as the 1sts and 2nds fought for the ball. There were attempts from Jayne Williamson, Sue Read and Julia Neale, but the defence of the 2nds were strong and the struggle for a goal continued. This was broken up by a fantastic shot by Jess Kimberly firing high past the 2s keeper securing another goal for the 1sts.

In the last minutes of the game, inside the seconds dee was a blur of red and white shirts moving at a rapid pace. Helen Apperley was amazing support for goalkeeper Phoebe Jones, and further support was found in Emily Hilton. However some astonishing play from Catherine Reese-Gresty, Lisa Sullivan resulted in a last second goal for Sue Read, leaving the final score at 3-0 to the Ladies 1sts.