Match reports 30/09/17

Whitchurch ladies 1s 5 Warrington ladies 2s 3

Whitchurch went out strong, keen to get going. They very quickly got past the Warrington players with an excellent drive from centre half Catherine Winter-Gresty with a strong pass to the post where Laura Workman got a touch it the goal putting Whitchurch 1-0 up in the first few minutes of the game.

Warrington came back fighting, testing Gayle Ladd, Jess Kimberley, Vicky Price and Helen Machin in Whitchurch’s defence. The ladies held their ground and with some good work created many more goal scoring opportunities, but unfortunately Whitchurch couldn’t get it past the Warrington defence and keeper.

Warrington then had a quick break beating Whitchurch for speed and managed to get a good goal making the score 1-1 by half time.

Whitchurch had a positive and productive half time team talk. They went back, high in spirits, eager to dominate the second half. Excellent tackling from Grace Berry, left Warrington stunned and setup Sue Read to give Whitchurch the lead.

This upped Whitchurch spirits even further and Laura Workman powered forward for another luscious goal, giving Whitchurch a 3-1 advantage.

Warrington were not impressed and came back to score past goalkeeper Gwyn Thomas-Rees, before she produced a string of fine saves frustrated the Warrington forwards. This encouraged the rest of the Whitchurch team to come back with a goal, lightening Laura Workman popping up on the back post to score her second of the game.

Warrington kept their heads up, and continued to push against the Whitchurch players, leading to their final goal of the game.

Whitchurch quickly responded to this, with some excellent team work, and a fabulous brace from striker Sue Read, making the final score 5-3 and another well earned three points.

A well-deserved player of the match went to Captain Catherine Winter-Gresty.


Whitchurch Mens 2s 2 Warrington Mens 2s 2

Whitchurch 2s, looking to bounce back from last weeks defeat, but build on the many positives from the game against Chester, fielded another young side for the visit of Warrington Men’s 2s.

Whitchurch struggled to find any passing rhythm in the early stages of the first half and the more experienced Warrington side took control of both ball and territory. However the inexperienced Whitchurch defence, assisted by the midfield, prevented Warrington from creating any meaningful chances to shoot at goal.

Midway through the half though, Warrington were awarded a short corner, from which they opened the scoring with a powerful strike into the bottom corner.

The goal seemed to galvanise Whitchurch. Airan Jones left the field due to injury just before the restart and his replacement Lockie Price and Joseph Coburn immediately started to link up really well on the Whitchurch left. With Craig Hockenhull and Jake Wood driving forward from midfield Whitchurch started to threaten the Warrington dee for the first time.

The improved attacking play was instantly rewarded when good work on the left led to Jake Wood feeding the ball into the dee where Euan Morris flicked the ball back for Craig Hockenhull who fired in the Whitchurch equaliser.

Soon after that a driving run by Craig Hockenhull into the Warrington dee was abruptly stopped as the Warrington keeper upended Hockenhull, but the ball ran free to Euan Morris who calmly pushed the ball into the unguarded goal to give Whitchurch the lead.

Warrington appeared to be shell-shocked by the turnaround and Whitchurch created a number of other opportunities before the end of the half but were unable to add to their 2-1 lead.

Warrington reorganised at the break but Whitchurch immediately pushed them back towards their own goal and continued to create chances. Josh Parry, Euan Morris, Jake Wood and Craig Hockenhull all had shots saved by the Warrington keeper and a number of short corners were squandered.

Warrington posed a threat on the counter-attack but the Whitchurch defence of Danny Foulkes, Rupert Yeoward, Richard Leigh and Doug Buckeridge were stoic with their tackling and interceptions preventing Warrington getting any chances to shoot at goal from open play. As they struggled to make inroads, Warrington resorted to more and more ambitious passes behind the Whitchurch defenders but keeper Neil Jones was always alert and cleared out anything that came anywhere near his goal.

Ultimately Warrington’s experience brought them an equaliser. Playing for feet in the Whitchurch dee rewarded them with a brace of short corners, the second of which was neatly flicked high into the net.

Whitchurch continued to create chances at the other end, but the deep Warrington defence prevented Whitchurch from getting clear shots at goal, and when good chances did come, Whitchurch were only able to hit the keeper.


Brooklands MU 5s 0 Whitchurch Mens 1s 3

Whitchurch travelled to Sale to play Brooklands MU 5s this week and, once again, the score line didn’t explain the game adequately: after hammering Chester 5s 0-0 last week, 3-0 doesn’t do justice to the quality and effort shown on Saturday. It was probably the best quality hockey, especially in the first half, from any Whitchurch team in the last few years. The passing, the control, the communication, the marking, the running and the teamwork were all top-drawer stuff, against a strong Brooklands team who pushed hard throughout the match.

Sturge in goal ensured the few times Brooklands got into the dee were unsuccessful; Tom Forster, Ryan Murtagh and James Partington put in a shift at the back, marking attackers out of the game, clearing well and causing chaos with aerial balls. Steve Kay, Rob Chapelle (on a welcome return to the team), Alex Fry, Jack Barnes and Ben Fry absolutely controlled the centre of the pitch, passing well and at speed to free up Tom Leonard and Ben Kimberly on the wings, and Martin Beecher again caused the Brooklands defence all sorts of trouble.

The first half was excellent hockey with the ball moving at speed on a good water-based pitch, which Whitchurch adapted to better than to their own pitch the previous week. The first goal came from a short corner, with the switch getting to Ben Fry who passed to Leonard who moved it quickly to Chapelle who slotted it into the bottom corner of the goal. Then, after some Brooklands pressure, Barnes cleared the ball with a huge hit down the middle of the pitch which Beecher picked up and went round the keeper to grab the second. The third was another switch across the dee to let Leonard continue his strong scoring record.

The second half was much calmer, as Brooklands moved away from their 4-4-2 formation to something more familiar, and this gave them more room and opportunities, but the Whitchurch defence held strong, and were very successful at clearing short corners, with Sturge clearing up the few stray shots that came through. The final whistle ended a great game for Whitchurch and gives them confidence for the season ahead. They are at home next week against Lymm Mens 2s.


Whitchurch ladies 3s 0 Deeside ladies 4s 2

Whitchurch 3s match was against Deeside Ramblers 4s.  After only playing a couple of matches together, Whitchurch 3’s confidence was already higher for this match. Both teams started off strongly, with some good play from our new junior players Annie Buckeridge and Emily Lister.

One things for sure, the new junior members of the team never give up! Hebe Dixon and Maddie Sugden making a brilliant team effort to keep the ball out of their net. However, sadly after about 20 minutes into the match, Deeside managed to score their first goal. This did not stop Whitchurch fighting back!

Kate Buckeridge and Vicky Corlett making some good attacking moves and battling forward, but unfortunately the score line remained at 1 – 0 at halftime.

After half time, Whitchurch had a change of player, with Helen Apperley coming onto the pitch, with her usual fantastic strong playing style in defence. Despite a great shot from Hebe Dixon from a short corner, which was saved by Deeside’s goalkeeper, Whitchurch never found the net for the rest of the match. Deeside managed to score once more, leaving the final score 2 – 0 to Deeside.

A great game, even though it had poured down most of the match and we had played well. Maddie Sugden, got man of the match, after making some incredible saves.

Whitchurch 3s play away at Chester next Saturday.


Sandbach ladies 1s 7 Whitchurch Ladies 2s 1

This week Whitchurch travelled away to play Sandbach Ladies 1s, Whitchurch’s biggest rivals.

Sandbach started the stronger of the two teams putting two goals passed Whitchurch in the first 15 minutes. Whitchurch needed to refocus and concentrate and were awarded a series of short corners in which Tracy Tolhurst deflected the ball home. Another goal for Sandbach just before half time sank Whitchurch spirits.

A half time chat was filled with frustrated emotions, however captain Emma Clarke reminded Whitchurch that we had beaten this team the season before and that we must come back fighting.

The second half began with some position rearranging that allowed Whitchurch to play a more defensive game. Sandbach kept coming and were not stopped scoring another two goals. Once again Whitchurch lost focus and Sandbach were straight on them scoring another goal.

Heads had now dropped and hope was lost with the final whistle about to be blown and Sandbach coming once again Whitchurch had every player behind the ball ready to defend. A steal from Stephanie Stanton lead to Whitchurch having one last chance to attack with runs from Charlotte Lawder, Nicola Workman, Natasha Foster all picking out Amy Fry in the dee who was unfortunate not to break through Sandbach’s strong defence.

One final attempt for Sandbach came and the defenders Emma Clarke, Helen Hockenhull, Hayleigh Busby and mother – daughter duo Jan and Martha Teggin battled hard to keep Sandbach out of their own dee.

With one final push from both teams Sandbach slipped the ball passed the defence and deflected just out of keeper Shola Bailey’s reach. Bailey who had become very vocal produced some amazing saves and without the goal count would be much higher. The final whistle blew and Whitchurch were quick to congratulate Sandbach on their win. Player of the match was awarded to Captain Emma Clarke.