Under 14 Girls match report 18/11/17

Bridgnorth 1 – Whitchurch 1

The girls were faced with the Bridgnorth team for their first match. Whitchurch dominated the match from the beginning and occupied the opponent’s dee for the majority of the match. Bridgnorth made several errors which gave Whitchurch multiple short corners. Despite attacking strongly, Whitchurch were unable to capitalise of these short corners which were defended well by the Bridgnorth goalkeeper.

After some excellent passing between Matilda and Ellie a strong pass to Mia resulted in her finding the goal putting Whitchurch one goal up.
Whitchurch continued to dominate play but fell to a lapse in concentration when a Bridgnorth player ran through the defence and managed to equalise.
Play continued and Whitchurch appeared the stronger team. As Whitchurch lacked a goalkeeper Alice played some excellent clearances in her position of sweeper.

Whitchurch 3 – William Brookes A 5

Whitchurch began their second match in a rather stationary manner leaving the goal within easy access for the opponents. After the opponents had racked up 5 goals Whitchurch began to find their feet and had some great passing between Matilda, Izzy, and Suzie and managed to successfully capitalise on a short corner which was injected by Izzy to Ellie who started the Whitchurch scoring.

Ellie then managed to add to the score line with another goal and Izzy scored the third for Whitchurch. Strong midfield play was seen between Holly, Amilie and Hermione who kept feeding the ball for the goal scoring to continue.

William Brooks B 3 – Whitchurch 5

Whitchurch began this match with speed and focus determined to put the previous match behind them. Ellie opened the scoring from a pass into the Dee from Matilda leaving Whitchurch in the lead. Strong attacking from Whitchurch resulted in a shot from Alice going slightly wide of the goal. Whitchurch continued to attack and their work paid off when Holly scored the second for Whitchurch after a series of strong tackles. Whitchurch continued to find the goal with one from Alice. Izzy then had a shot which went wide before play reversed and Whitchurch were on the defence. Play was soon turned round so that Whitchurch began attacking resulting in Izzy having another attempt on goal. Finally after a strong team play Izzy’s determination paid off and she scored the fourth goal for Whitchurch.
After a foot foul from William Brooks in the Dee Whitchurch were awarded a short corner which Izzy finished off beautifully leaving Whitchurch 5 goals up.

Whitchurch under 14’s played with an excellent team spirit and determination and adapted to the lack of goalkeeper to produce some excellent hockey for the spectators.