Match report 24/02/18

The Mens 1s game was cancelled after a breakdown resulted in the team being unable to make the start time for their away fixture in Brooklands.

Whitchurch ladies 2s 1 Crewe ladies 4s 3

The game started and Crewe put on a strong attack against Whitchurch 2s. They were up in the dee within minutes and the ball was unfortunately put into the goal by the Whitchurch defender as she tried to defend the shot. Whitchurch held their heads high and defended the ball right until the whistle was blown for half time with many chances for a goal against Crewe.

The strength they showed was immense and with the team talk at half time, Whitchurch came back as fierce as ever. The fight stayed strong and although Whitchurch faced multiple short corners, the strong defenders Claire Fitzgerald, Helen Machin, Edina Jones, and Emma Clarke and goal keeper Shola Bailey used their strength to save each another and showed team work really does make the dream work.

Whitchurch were then faced with a penalty stroke and goalkeeper Shola Bailey managed to get her left leg on it and saved it. This gave Whitchurch more spirit and mid fielders Becky Brookfield, Edina Jones, and Helen Machin along with attackers Tracy Tolhurst, Emily Vernon, Ellie McEvoy and Phoebe Jones took the ball up the pitch and struggled against the Crewe goalkeeper. With good attempts, Tracy Tolhurst finally got the ball into the back of the goal and Whitchurch were drawn with Crewe.

Another short corner gave Crewe another goal but Whitchurch bounced back and were awarded a penalty stroke, which was well saved by the Crewe keeper. Whitchurch tired at this point and the ball came strongly back down to the Whitchurch goal and Crewe were awarded another penalty flick and this time scored. With the final score being 3-1 to Crewe, Whitchurch we’re disappointed but it was an amazing game with amazing spirit.


Oxton ladies 2s 4 Whitchurch ladies 1s 1

Ladies 1s travelled away to play Oxton 2s this Saturday with a new mix if players due to half term. From the off Whitchurch played well together pushing the ball back up to the Oxton dee. They held their positions despite Oxton fighting hard to score. Millie Edwards held her own at the back along with Jess Kimberley making Oxton work. A short corner allowed Oxton to score from a scrappy number of passed.

Hebe Dixon held the middle along with Holy Jepson and Catherine Winter-Gresty giving the ball up to Jessica Carruthers to send into Grace Berry for an amazing fight with the keeper and she flicked into the net.

Whitchurch became a little lax and let Oxton creep up into the Dee and score from another scrappy play just before half time.

After a quick talk Whitchurch were back using the width with Laura Workman holding high but Oxton were defending strong. This half seemed a lot different with the ball going back and too like a yoyo, tiring both teams. More chances for Oxton but Gwyn Thomas-Rees kept on her toes and kicked the balls clear.

Feet were not always being blow by this stage and Oxton took advantage and scored from yet another messy play. Natasha foster and Beth Sykes had their work cut out as Oxton kept the pressure on and with 2 minutes before the final whistle Oxton managed to get through a tired Whitchurch for a 4th goal leaving Whitchurch walking away with another loss of 4-1.

The 1s play at home against top of the table Brookland Poynton next week.


Whitchurch Men’s 2s 1 Lymm Men’s 3s 3

Whitchurch Men’s 2s welcomed Lymm 3s to a sunny, but chilly, SJT on Saturday afternoon.

Bolstered by some returning senior players and with a debut for another academy graduate in 13 year old Will Snaith, the 2s went into this game with an usually large squad of 16 players.

The early stages were fairly even. Both teams looked good in possession, moving the ball around well, but struggling to make any impact in the attacking thirds. Matt Brooks and Richard Leigh were strong in the centre of defence for the 2s, whilst Wyn Morris and Mark Sugden were stifling Lymm’s attacking width, but also providing the launch pad for Whitchurch’s own attacks in wide areas.

Jacob Buckeridge and Euan Morris were finding good positions on the wings and linking well with the midfield of Rupert Yeoward, Danny Foulkes and Doug Buckeridge, but the Reds were struggling to get the ball up to forward Martin Beecher.

Lymm had their attacking moments, and from a short corner midway through the first half they opened the scoring. The ball was fired towards goal but came back off the post and hit keeper Neil Jones and bounced over the goal line.

Whitchurch responded positively, with Martin Beecher dropping deeper to find the ball , enabling him to drive forward into the Lymm dee. This proved fruitful for the Reds, with the team becoming more of a threat to the Lymm goal. Martin was firing in shots from good positions, forcing the Lymm keeper into a number of saves, and seeing one shot ricochet to safety of the post.

Just before half time Whitchurch got their reward as Matt Brooks smartly played an early ball into Martin, who drove from the middle of the Lymm half, into the dee, before smashing a low shot into the far corner of the goal to level the scores.

The second half proceeded in a similar vein, with Sam Conway coming on to provide the drive from the Whitchurch midfield and Joe Coburn & Joe Winter rotating on in the wing positions.

Lymm had regrouped at half time and were also pushing forward looking for goals. The Whitchurch defence continued to work hard and limit clear-cut chances but Lymm scored two quick goals midway through the second half. Again the bounce of the ball seemed to be in Lymm’s favour, although the third goal was a clever finish to a ball dropping from out of the sky.

Again Whitchurch responded well and Martin Beecher pulled a goal back with a powerful, jinking run through most of the Lymm team, before finishing into an unguarded goal. And Whitchurch almost snatched an equaliser when Euan Morris’ shot came back off the post, across the face of goal, but spun onto Jacob Buckeridge’s foot rather than his stick.

Try as they might, Whitchurch couldn’t find an equaliser and Lymm hung on for the 3-2 win.

Despite another defeat, the young players continue to improve at this level of hockey. With five 13 and 14 year olds involved on Saturday, all in their first season of men’s hockey, and a number of others unavailable this weekend, the future of the 2s looks good.

Joe Coburn and Euan Morris continue to be real assets on the wings and Joe Faithful is becoming more confident and improving with every game. 13-year-old Jacob Buckeridge played well again today and was unlucky not to score, while 13-year-old Will Snaith had a very impressive debut in defence against far more powerful and experienced opponents.

Next Saturday the 2s entertain Runcorn 3s at SJT.


Whitchurch ladies 3s 1 Alderley Edge 7’s 4

The opening 10 minutes of the first half saw some relentless attacking from Alderley Edge right from the outset and thanks to some excellent defending from our goalie Maddy Sugden, left half Emily Lister and our two backs Mel Reid and Wendy Cooper, we were lucky to keep the shots out only allowing 1 goal in.

Finally, we built up enough confidence to run at the opposition with Millie Carruthers and Nicola Workman up front taking the ball into the dee several times. Whitchurch settled down to play much better hockey, passing into space and resulting in Victoria Corlett being able to slot home a goal giving a 1-1 score line at half time.

Caitlin Shaw on the right wing received the ball well and made some impressive runs, showing how much confidence she has gained with match experience.  Our two inners, Nicola Workman and Annie Buckeridge were passing beautifully to our centre forward Millie Caruthers who also tracked back well to help the defence when required.

The second half saw Alderley Edge start with pace and score two quick goals in the first few minutes. Rosie Shaw worked hard down the left wing and Kate Buckeridge was switched to right half firming up our defence and slowing the relentless attack of the young Alderley Edge team allowing them only to score once more giving a final score of 1-4.

Maddy Sugden was awarded another well-deserved woman of the match and although we were disappointed to lose we were pleased with our much-improved game considering we lost at Alderley Edge 1-10 earlier on in the season.