Match Reports 01/02/20

Whitchurch Ladies 3’s 0 Bowden ladies 7’s 0

Whitchurch ladies 3’s started the game with a strong side who were eager to replicate last weeks away win. After winning first push back, Whitchurch put up a strong attack and chased the ball up towards the goal. Some quick passing between Caitlin Edwards and Jasmin Williams saw a pass to Sue Read in the dee but Whitchurch were unlucky and just missed the post. Bowden came back strong but Whitchurch’s midfield of Annie Leigh, Alice Page and Sammy Parkhurst fought hard to get the ball back up to the forwards with Annie Buckeridge driving the ball towards the dee.

The visitors managed to get a break and chased the ball towards Whitchurch’s defence of Mel Reid and Jan Teggin who managed to hold the opponents away from the goal. Whitchurch brought on fresh legs with Emma Stubbs and Louise Whitley being put into defence and attack positions. This fuelled a fresh attack which resulted in a short corner for Whitchurch.

Half time came and the score was 0-0 and both teams were fighting hard for a goal. Bowden intercepted a pass and drove the ball down the pitch catching Whitchurch out, but after a scrabble at the goal mouth Whitchurch’s keeper Louise Cottrell worked her magic and cleared multiple shots from the opposition, which earned her players player. Whitchurch managed to break the ongoing attack and the ball was skilfully passed from the defence to Wendy Cooper in the midfield who then sent it up the pitch to Kate Buckeridge and Emily Lister who pushed if forward into the dee where Sue Read sent the ball over the line but was unfortunately disallowed as a short corner had been blown for by the umpire.

At the end of the 70 minutes Whitchurch had given everything they had to keep the score line 0-0.

Louise Cottrell, Whitchurch’s goalie was awarded players player.

Keele University Men’s 1s 1 Whitchurch Men’s 1s 4

Whitchurch travelled to Keele University for a late push-back game against a youthful university team who had a full complement of substitutes, so knew fitness would play a part in the latter stages of the match.

It started well for the Reds, who also had a number of regular players unavailable this week, so Airan Jones returned to the 1s and was joined by Will Gilbert stepping from the 2s, and they integrated smoothly, helping move the ball up front and providing good attacking options. It was Jones who got the first goal on the board, with a high shot bouncing off the crossbar before he controlled it in the air, brought it down and put it away. It was followed by Chris Ruscoe’s ball through to Alex Fry who turned and passed it to Fred Egerton who managed to force the ball over the line for the second, showing again the skill and strength of the younger players within the club.

Keele made their numbers count though, rotating players to keep them fresh and putting pressure on up front. Paul “Sturge” Leigh was his usual tireless self in goal, coming out on a couple of occasions to clear the ball when Keele did break, and Danny Foulkes was back to underpin the defence, with Ruscoe and James Partington combining well to use the full width of the pitch. This gave the Reds a number of opportunities up both wings, and this width stretched Keele and also then gave chances up the middle. Dale Seymour and Joel Leese controlled that centre with some good movement, runs and passing, and were helped by Ben Kimberley and Tom Forster providing width in attack as well as support in defence.

The third Whitchurch goal came from a penalty stroke awarded for a foot on the line stopping a shot, and Seymour stepped up and put the ball into the right side of the net with confidence. He then followed it up with a second coming from some excellent control at a short corner after the injection was slipped right, driven and then returned to the penalty spot where Seymour was on hand to bury it.

The second half was a different kind of game, as two things happened: first, Keele put a plan in place and kept to that plan, which involved leaving at least one – if not two – strikers high up the pitch (at times between Sturge and the Whitchurch goal) which impacted on the Reds’ defence and meant that Keele on the break had some really effective attacking options. Secondly, they cunningly used youth and fitness to wear down the Whitchurch team, continuing to run hard for the entire second half as the Reds tired. They got their reward with a scramble in the dee being only partly controlled and cleared before the Keele attacker got a rebound shot over a diving Sturge.

They continued to go for long through-balls, with the Whitchurch defence spread and the Reds, as a team, starting to give the ball away a little too easily. In a repeat of the game at Keele last year, the last few minutes were frenetic, with the Reds under constant pressure and giving away a few short corners, but this year they were able to keep them out and to control the ball enough until the final whistle was warmly welcomed! They had worked hard for their result, and the score line didn’t necessarily reflect all the good work by Keele, but it was another fine win from Whitchurch who remain top with six games to go.

Warrington ladies 1s 3 Whitchurch ladies 2s 5

Whitchurch ladies 1s travelled away to play Warrington 1s this windy Saturday with a few missing regular players.

Whitchurch were strong from the start, using midfield players Millie Edwards and Hebe Dixon, quickly reaching captain Catherine Winter-Gresty to fire the ball into Sarah Field to score their first. Warrington fought back, but everything was picked up by defence Chloe Lloyd and Catherine Reece-Gresty and keeper Maddy Sugden cleared several shots on goal. Play was back and to, but Whitchurch scored again with Sarah Field’s skilful play.

Warrington scored from a fast break and then were awarded a penalty flick that keeper Maddy Sugden was so close to saving.

The game started moving faster with Whitchurch passing well and keeping possession, having a lot more play in the Warrington dee. Hebe Dixon reverse shot and Steph Stanton deflected up into the net. Spirits were high and Whitchurch kept attacking allowing Ellie Windsor to score their 4th by lifting the ball over the lying keeper.

Half time and 4-2 up, Whitchurch came back just as strong, Warrington were not for sitting back on their heels as they were attacking hard down the wings, they had a lucky break and scored a 3rd.

This didn’t upset Whitchurch and as Warrington began to tire Whitchurch controlled the game. Great supportive play came from Anna Latham and Izzy Huxley down the left side constantly putting on pressure. On the right side some amazing play from Molly Fry, beating many of the Warrington players got the ball to Dixon to power the ball into the net making it 5-3 at the final whistle.

Another good win for Whitchurch, they play at home next week against Deeside. Players player was awarded to Millie Edwards.

Replayed game on Sunday

Whitchurch Ladies 3’s 0 Golborne ladies 4’s 1

Whitchurch 3’s stepped onto the pitch less than 24 hours after their last match with an almost identical line-up.

Golborne started strong with the first push back and took Whitchurch by surprise. The Whitchurch midfield soon woke up with Alice Page, Sammy Parkhurst and Wendy Cooper creating a defence and turning the play round into an attack for Whitchurch.  The ball was driven forward by a strong drive from Jasmin Williams and Louise Whitley on the right. Libby Fox supported well and was ready in the dee but Golborne intercepted and turned the play around.

The opponents attack  drove through to the Whitchurch defenders Mel Reid and Hermione Ball who stayed strong and sent the ball up the left of the pitch to Kate Buckeridge who fired the ball up to an exhausted Annie Buckeridge in the dee but Whitchurch’s lack of support showed and Annie was unable to finish the shot. Whitchurch got taken by surprise by a fast drive from Golborne which resulted in a 1-0 lead for the visitors at half time.

After half time, Whitchurch had a change of line up bringing on Jan Teggin in defence and Emma Stubbs in midfield. Whitchurch remained strong and keeper Louise Cottrell saved all the shots sent towards her in the second half. Whitchurch kept dominating the game but were unable to equalise by the final whistle leaving the visitors with a 1-0 win.

Whitchurch ladies 3’s have had some outstanding play this weekend from Annie Buckeridge, Alice Page and Sammy Parkhurst.

Libby Fox was awarded players player.