Coronavirus Update

To all players, volunteers and parents…
We want to let you know that all hockey training and matches are going ahead as normal at the current time, but we are keen to follow and support the principle guidelines outlined in yesterday’s government advice on minimising and delaying the spread of the virus.  These are:
– players or volunteers who have been experiencing any viral or flu-like symptoms should not participate in any hockey activities (i.e. they should be self-isolating anyway)
– good hygiene practices should be observed by everyone, including regular hand-washing, avoiding touching one’s face, minimising physical contact with other people and frequently used surfaces, etc.
It is the responsibility of individuals and parents (where junior players are concerned) to enforce (in the first case) and encourage (in the second) these guidelines are followed – not just for hockey, but in general.
For our part, we will try to ensure we don’t encourage any activities during hockey that go against these, i.e. shaking hands, using each other’s hockey sticks, regularly handling the same equipment, etc.
By following the official guidelines and applying common sense, we will all be doing our bit to help slow down the spread of coronavirus.  If you have any specific questions or concerns, please get in touch.
Whitchurch HC Committee