Match reports 08-11-21

Whitchurch ladies 2’s 4  Runcorns ladies 2’s 3

The ladies 2’s had a slow start but soon began to pick up the pace when they received many attacks towards the dee within the first half. This forced the defenders Emma Stubbs and Hermione Ball to closely mark players and tackle when possible. With the aid of Poppy Huxley, Molly Fry and Lydia Jones, Whitchurch managed to keep up a strong barrier against Runcorn. Although, many excellent saves were made by goal keeper Megan Nicholson, Runcorn managed to score a goal.

However, thanks to some strong passes and teamwork between the attackers Bella Morris, India Freer, Amelia Morris, Emily Cozon and Sam Freer, a fantastic goal was scored. Before the whistle was blown for half time, Runcorn scored another goal.

After an inspiring team talk during half time, Whitchurch began playing much better in the second half. With powerful passes and tough tackles. Whitchurch managed to keep the ball in the opposition half for most of the remaining time. This gave them time to make some incredible goals one set up perfectly by Lily Harnden and an opportunity to display their full potential.

Overall the score was 4-3 to Whitchurch with the goals scored by Lydia jones, Emily Cozons and two from Amelie Morris. The well-deserved player of the match was Molly Fry. This was a well-deserved win and ladies 2’s are certain to do well this season.

Whitchurch Ladies 1s 3 Oswestry ladies 1s 0

The ladies 1s played home against Oswestry 1s this Saturday, unusually quiet and mellow game.

Whitchurch had majority of the possession, attacking calmly up the wings using Caitlin Edwards and Sophie Ward on the right side. First goal came from a ball across the dee to Lisa Sullivan who picked out Izzy Huxley to push past the keeper.

Oswestry struggled to get into the Whitchurch dee, keeper Holly Edwards having a very quiet game, as all balls were cleared by Emma Harper and Chloe Lloyd. Their second goal was shot into the dee by Captain Cath Gresty for again Izzy Huxley to deflect onto the back board.

A run of short corners but Oswestry defence was strong.

Half time and 2 – 0 up, Whitchurch came out and continued to pressure Oswestry,  but with 8 defence in front of the goal made it difficult for many more goals, lots of attempts made by Mollie Bell, Hayleigh Busby and Sullivan, then Alice Parton found a gap to get their 3rd.

Oswestry defended well and continued to do so thought the rest of the game.

Final score 3-0 to Whitchurch Ladies 1s.

They play away for an early game at Wilmslow next week.

Wilmslow ladies 5s 3 Whitchurch ladies 3s 1

Whitchurch ladies 3’s travelled to Wilmslow on a damp afternoon for a 4.30pm start.  A lovely pitch to play on, pity a complete pole of lights were out!

Only 5 minutes after Whitchurch winning first pushback and with excellent manoeuvring skills between Poppy Gibert, Freya Gresty and Jasmin Williams they had the ball in the scoring zone and like a fire cracker Eleanor Beecher rattled the backboards, scoring her first goal this season!

Wilmslow advanced the ball down the pitch and were awarded a number of short corners but Whitchurch’s defence of Mabel Hazelhurst, Chloe, Emma Clarke and Keeper Louise Cottrell kept the ball from crossing the line.

Whitchurch continued with the strong attack and kept the ball for the majority of the first half in Wilmslow’s defence with Tracey Tolhurst and Lucy Hearn feeding the ball in from the left and the right.  Whitchurch had a number of shots on goal but Wilmslow prevented them from scoring. Just 5 minutes before the halftime whistle Wilmslow travelled with the ball down the pitch scoring their first goal from a short.

Following a strong team talk by acting Captain Clarke and some jelly sweets Whitchurch started off strong, gathering good pace with excellent passes between Poppy, Freya, Jessica Hunt and Jasmin found themselves soon in the scoring zone and were awarded a number of short corners but just couldn’t quite find them boards.  Wilmslow picked up steam pushed down the pitch keeping Whitchurch’s defence of Chloe and Emma very busy but managed to slip in a 2nd goal passed the Keeper.  Elsie May Cottrell was brought in to defend her first short corner and did a sterling job preventing Wilmslow from scoring from the post. The second half was fought through driving rain leaving all players very wet, cold and tired. At the final whistle the score was 3-1 to Wilmslow.

Players player was Jasmin Williams

A massive well done to all players today! Big thanks to; stand-in Captain Emma Clarke also Penny Hearn, Tracey Tolhurst and Louise Cottrell for the transport!

Next week Whitchurch 3’s welcome Macclesfield 4’s for a home game!