Path to Paris – Congratulations! You have reached Cairo in Egypt.

Congratulations! You have reached Cairo in Egypt. You have trekked 5244 km along the African coastline.

Did you know?

Sport existed before the birth of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games. In Ancient Egypt, for example, people took part in water sports, such as swimming, rowing and sailing, on the River Nile. Javelin and archery were also popular as they were practice for warfare.

Challenge yourself: Play Olympic Dribbling!

Hockey first appeared in the Olympic Games in 1908. It returned in 1920 and has been part of the Olympics ever since. To play hockey you need to be able to control the hockey stick, the ball and your own body – all at the same time. Play Olympic Dribbling to practise your coordination and control.

Time: 5 minutes

Get ready: 

  • 5 markers, e.g., cones, plant pots, tins, shoes.
  • 1 hockey stick – or a cricket bat / tennis racket or make a stick from rolled-up newspaper and sticky tape.
  • 1 small ball, e.g., tennis ball, foam ball, airflow ball, rolled-up socks.
  • Optional: timer, e.g., watch, phone.


  • Set out the markers like the number 5 on a dice, i.e., one marker at each corner of a square and one in the middle.
  • Start in the middle and dribble the ball to one corner and back.
  • Dribbling is pushing the ball along the ground with the stick – try to keep it rolling steadily.
  • Dribble the ball to each of the markers in turn, always returning to the middle, until you have been to all 4.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • How quickly can you complete the challenge? Can you do it quicker next time?

Change the game: 

  • Move the corner markers nearer or further away from the middle one.
  • Dribble slower for more control or faster to increase the challenge.
  • Increase or decrease the number of markers, e.g. make a clock instead of a dice.


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