25/10/14 Ladies 1s match report

Neston South Wirral ladies 3s  0    Whitchurch ladies 1s  1

The top of the table clash was a tense one as the girls really had to fight for their 1-0 victory over Neston 3rds, breaking Neston’s winning streak.

Claire Roberts attacked the opposition with fierceness in her tackles, and with Gayle Ladd and Jayne ‘Crow’ Williamson clearing the ball, they kept it in the oppositions half.

Catherine Reece-Gresty made a fantastic clear from the goal line when the opposition had a short corner, then with Catherine Gresty’s amazing interception along with Julia Neale; we managed to push the ball forward again. Sue Read and Nicola Workman received the balls from our team brilliantly and helped keep possession to our team.

Lisa Sullivan, with incredible shot from the top of the D enabled Whitchurch to secure their one and only goal. Jess Kimberley had some great runs which yet again helped us keep possession and keep the ball away from our half. Whitchurch had plenty of short corner opportunities but failed to convert.

Vicki Price, Sue Read and Chloe Crump made a great runs on the opposition’s goal and were only unable to score a goal because of the force of the Neston defence. We had a great save from Gwyn Thomas-Rees after a fantastic shot from Neston, but not good enough to beat our amazing goal keeper.

This win saw Whitchurch move back to the top of the league before next week’s break.